Places to Visit in New Zealand

When you want to go to New Zealand, the first thing that you should do is to plan your visit. Although exploring a new country is a great and amazing experience, it is still better to at least make an itinerary, get a map, and plan your adventure days or even months ahead so that you know what you will be going through. It is not the same as looking for cheap hotels in Amsterdam near the Red Light District or checking museum tickets prices here in our hometown. First of all, we are not speaking their language. Second, we know little about their culture and people. Third, we are still in a country that we are not familiar with. So it is better to plan your vacation and check the places to visit in New Zealand in order to make proper bookings and reservations.

Mt Cook National ParkMt Cook

For those who want to have a nature adventure, you should be listing a trip to the Mt. Cook National Park. The mountain ranges are so mesmerizing. You can also stare for hours at the glaciers and beautiful terrains. Through this park you can feel a great adventure on top of the tallest mountain in all of New Zealand, that is, Mount Cook.

Cape Reinga

If you want to experience a supernatural event in your life, you should go the Cape Reinga. According to Maori culture, this is the place where the spirits transcend from the earth to their ancestral land in Hawaiki. Cape Reinga is located at the North Island.

The charm of this place is something to look forward to. You can view the long coastline here. You can also take in the luscious greenery that surrounds the area. While you are here, you should take a photo of the iconic lighthouse that sits atop the hill.


Fiordland National Park

One of the places where tourists go to, the Fiordland National Park is a very busy year in and year out. People particularly go to Milford Sound amidst the water and picturesque scenery. This should be on your list of must-visits in New Zealand.