How to Travel Maori Style

New Zealand is mostly known for the people that inhabit the area. A percentage of the population that lives in New Zealand are the Maori people. Their origins are from eastern Polynesia but traveled the seas through their canoes and found New Zealand. It is truly a place that is worth living in because of the vastness of the water and the natural resources that surround the area. Even if New Zealand has some cheap hotels like in Amsterdam and has some nice places to visit, much like getting an Amsterdam holiday, it is still quite an experience to go to the places where the Maori people live.

Waipoua Foresttree

When we talk about Maori, the immediate subject that comes to mind is nature. And it truly represents who they are as people. The Maori has lived in New Zealand for a number of years and they have always acknowledged nature as part of their lives. They are truly respectful of their surroundings. This is where they get their nutrition. This is where they get their protection. This is where they live and thrive.

In Maori’s eyes, you should go to the Waipoua Forest Twilight Encounter. If you are looking for a real nature experience you must take a step back and book a trip here. This is a virgin native forest. No one ever built structures or building in the area. But too bad, a lot of loggers are out there to knock of trees without ever replacing them. Be an advocate of nature and a protector of the Waipoua forest and live the life of a Maori.


Attribution: rheins

Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington

Talk about the solemnity of the place. In Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, you first have to remove your shoes before entering the museum. Here, you are actually peaking behind corridors as you take a look at the different Maori collections of history and artifacts. Most of the items here are not for public consumption, meaning they are never viewed by the public. Even so, it is still a nice experience to be in a museum full of Maori tools and other items.