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 Workshops, classes and seminars

Mundo …tnico organizes and conducts workshops, classes and long term seminars with dances from all parts of the Pacific, but specifically Polynesia, all over the Netherlands and in other parts of Europe.

There are workshops for all ages and levels:

  •  children from the age of 4-7, 7-10 and 10-12

  •  youth groups in the age of 13 - 19

  •  teachers of children's dances

  •  teachers of dance

  •  amateur dancers

  •  dancers who specialise in Polynesian dancing

  •  elderly people (particularly especially arranged seated dances from Polynesia)

Long term seminars such as weekends can also be arranged. In these courses the entire educational programmes of Fiafia and Talofa! can be taught.

Workshops and classes may include dances of several Polynesian island groups but also be restricted to specific countries or island groups: Samoa, Tonga, Rapanui (Easter Island), Maori New Zealand, Hawai`i, Tuvalu, etcetera.

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