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Vela Vela! 
Hot hot! Dances from the South Pacific

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Registration number Duration CD/DVD Booklet Number of Tracks
PAN207 01:06:00 4 pages 31
Description Related Book
31 dances from the South Pacific for children and adults. For the first time this CD includes dances from Tokelau, taught to us by Te Vaka vocalist Sulata Foa‘i. Other new items include a “metal” version of a Tahitian otea (dance type); the Heemskerk Polka-Koru, an intercultural mix of Dutch dancing with Maori elements; Boti Kuru, a slapping dance from the island of Rabi; children’s dances from the island of Pukapuka; plus other dance songs from Maori New Zealand, Hawai‘i, Niue.The music is partly played by Ka Wela 'Ana and partly by local artists, recorded on the isles.    
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EURO 22.20 EURO 26.60