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Festival music of the Basques of Navarra and Hasparren

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PAN2084CD 01:04:41 12 pages 25
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Zubigainekoa is the name of a dance which is only performed in one specific small Basque village called Lesaka during annual San Fermin festival. Most of the recordings on this CD were made during two versions of the world famous fesitval of San Fermin: in the small township of Lesaka and in the city of Pamplona, which each year is in the world news because of the spectaculr encierros. During an encierro a group of bulls are driven through the fenced off streets of the town centre to the bullfighting arena. Numerous daredevils run in front of the animals. Every year some of these pamplonaos are trampled under foot by fellow participants or by the bulls themselves. The CD contains festive music played on flutes and shawns but also beautiful percussion music on the txalaparta, a Basque instrument consisting of large logs beaten with small sticks by two players in an interlocking rhythm..    
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