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We only accept payment in advance:

    1) by transfering the total amount our bank account:

    Postbank 26.59.182

    In case of bank transfer from a non-Dutch account, use the IBAN and BIC codes:
    IBAN: NL 38 PSTB 0002 6591 82

    2) by sending the total amount cash in a registered envelop to our address
    3) by sending an international money order by sending a personal cheque (IN THAT CASE YOU HAVE TO ADD EURO 10,00 TO THE INITIAL AMOUNT)
    Make all payments payable to:
    The Mundo …tnico Foundation
    Sibeliusstraat 707
    5011 JR Tilburg
    The Netherlands 
    and do not forget to specify the article(s) you want to order!!
    Only upon receipt of the amount due we will forward your order to you!
    In case you want to order more than one item we suggest you to first email us al list of the requested items. We will then inform you about the total costs