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We are, first and foremost, a company that supports the Maori culture. We promote everything that is related to Maori. From the culture of the people to the traditions and beliefs that they have, we want everyone to be educated of the Maori men and women who make up a portion of the population.
We are also a travel agency. From Amsterdam holidays and Amsterdam city tours to New Zealand stroll, we can make plans for you. We offer packages which may or may not include airline tickets. We will turn your dreams into reality with Mundo Etnico Travel.

New Zealand is home to the Maori people. They traveled from eastern Polynesia to New Zealand through canoes and other boats. They settled and raised their families in the country. The culture of the Maori people is very diverse and enigmatic at the same. You really have to go to the country and be immersed in the daily travails of the locals to fully grasp the culture that molded the people through generations.

Yes, we do. Although we offer excellent tours to New Zealand that focuses on the Maori culture, we still have other packages that you might like. You can browse our offered packages and see the special deals and tours that you prefer. We also provide budget plans for those who want to save while they travel.

New Zealand is a lovely place full of different places to see and explore. This is more of a nature trip with mountain ranges, trees, and long valleys. But you can also visit iconic landmarks that are part of the history that made the Maori people who they are today.

You should watch out for our spot discounts on tickets every day. We do not announce these deals beforehand so you really have to check our website for updates on these discounts.

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