Beaches to go to in New Zealand

New Zealand is very popular because of the Maori people. You can hear their haka from a thousand miles away. It is quite amazing to experience a trip to New Zealand. Although being on an Amsterdam holiday is great and getting a dinner cruise in Amsterdam is a nice vacation, you can still identify with the uniqueness that a journey to New Zealand brings to any traveler.

People go back to New Zealand because of the beaches. You can find lots of great beaches in New Zealand. Here are some of them:

Moeraki, Otagootago

It is just a wonder how different forms in nature are formed and built by nature itself. Take a look at the beach in Moeraki, Otago. Here, you will find boulders of rocks situated near the beaches. And to think that the sand is composed of sedimentary rocks that ground each other up during the thousands of years that the waves have hit them numerous times. Still, the seemingly spherical boulders of Moeraki keep tourist in awe of the amazing natural structures. You can take pictures on top of them. You can jump over them if you like.

Catlins, Otago

When you think of beaches, the first thing that comes to mind is wide plain sandy shores. But in Catlins, Otago, most of the people here do not make a living by fishing or by catering to tourists. Most locals are into farming. Those who want to visit this side of the beach will exert a lot of effort to get here. It will really feel that you have gone to a great escapade when you reach Catlins. No signal, no phones, no problem.

totaranui beach

Awaroa, Tasman

This place is also known as the “People’s beach.” This is a public beach that is very accessible to locals and to tourists. And it also has an amazing history too. Before, the land was privately owned. But when it went up for sale, the people near the area gave donations so that it can be kept as a public place. True enough, up until today, the beauty of the beach is not restricted to a few men and women but available to all who wants to experience it.