Mundo Etnico is a company that promotes the Maori culture in New Zealand. The Maori first inhabited the country through the canoe voyages in previous generations. The forefathers of the Maori people settled in the country of New Zealand. And from then on, they have lived prosperously on this side of the Pacific Islands.

Table of Contents

Who we are

The founders of this company are all born and raised in the Netherlands. They love their Amsterdam holidays and their Amsterdam canal tours. But they traced their roots back to the Maori culture. As they recognize the need to support their own culture and people, they decided to create this company to promote everything that is Maori.

The company wanted to foster their love for their people and the culture by starting in the country in which they grew up. Through the mixture of two different principles and beliefs, they understand the ways in which people can live and exist with one another.

What we offer

We want to promote the culture of Maori to the people in the Netherlands. It is exciting to dive deep into the culture that you are not part of. By traveling to New Zealand and being immersed in the environment, you are sure to fall in love with the Maori people and the culture. We offer round trip travel packages from the Netherlands to New Zealand and back. We also provide complete tours to the most iconic places in the country.