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News July 2003

  1. Workshops Pacific dances for elderly people
  2. CD MUsic from Galicia and Asturia
  3. Performance by dancegroup Faka Polinisia
  4. Educational programmes Mundo Etnico in 2003
  5. Faka Pasifika - DVD and book with Pacific-dances
  6. CD Vela Vela!




1. Workshops Pacific dances for elderly people

January 20th 2002 the new educational publication Kaparima was presented to Mr. Wilbert Van Herwijnen, alderman of the city of Tilburg.

Kaparima – a book and a CD – contains dances from Polynesia that can be performed in a sitting down. This makes this type of dance especially suitable for elderly people, who may experience declining mobility, or disabled people.

The CD includes the music of 20 dances and the book contains all dance descriptions, lyrics, translations, melodies and background information. The dances will be taught to dance teachers working with elderly people in a series of workshops all over the country. Autumn 2003 we have planned for the following workshops:

September 13th, Ommen
October 4th, Dordrecht and
November 22, Roermond

For more information call or e-mail us: 31-13-4553691;



2.  CD Music from Galicia and Asturia

Soon now The Mundo Etnico Foundation wil release their new CD with music from Galicia and Asturia. More information hereabout shortly will be published in these pages.

For more information call or e-mail us: 31-13-4553691;


3.Performance by dancegroup Faka Polinisia

Saturday september 13th 2003 dancegroup Faka Polinisia will perform in Lutjegast (in the dutch province of Groningen). This performance takes place during the "Abel Tasman Struun", a walking tour named after the famous dutch explorer "Abel Tasman".
The group will perform dances from New Zealand and Tonga. Should you be in the vicinity, please feel free to join this event!

For more information call or e-mail us: 31-13-4553691; info@MundoEtnico.n


4.Educational programmes Mundo Etnico in 2003

Again in 2003 Mundo Etnico organises performances for and with children from primary schools.
For more information call or e-mail us: 31-13-4553691; info@MundoEtnico.n



5. Faka Pasifika - DVD and book with Pacific-dances

At the end of 2003 a unique product will see the light. In cooperation with tens of individuals and organisations Mundo Etnico worked, and is still working on the project: an instructional DVD on which ther will be 90 dances from the Pacific area for children as well as adults.
Most of these dances are being performed by (members) of  the Pacific Dance-ensemble Faka Polinisia. All dances previously issued on instructional CD's  with accompanying booklets will be re-released on this album.
The DVD will be accompanied by a book in English containing lyrics, descriptions of the dances , translations, scores and background information.
Do you wish to be informed please notify us by telephone 013 - 4553691 or


6. CD Vela Vela!

About 25 new dances from the South Pacific for children and adults will be published by the end of 2003. For the first time this CD will include dances from Tokelau, taught to us by Te Vaka vocalist Sulata Foa‘i. Other new items include a “metal” version of a Tahitian otea (dance type); the Heemskerk Polka-Koru, an intercultural mix of Dutch dancing with Maori elements; Boti Kuru, a slapping dance from the island of Rabi; children’s dances from the island of Pukapuka; plus other dance songs from Maori New Zealand, Hawai‘i, Niue. an English edition will eventually be added.